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Entitativity perception refers to the perception of a collection of individuals as a group. The authors propose 2 perceptual-inferential bases of entitativity perception. First, perceivers would expect a collection of individuals with similar physical traits to possess common psychological traits. Second, perceivers watching a group of individuals engage in(More)
Intersubjective perceptions refer to shared perceptions of the psychological characteristics that are widespread within a culture. In this article, we propose the intersubjective approach as a new approach to understanding the role that culture plays in human behavior. In this approach, intersubjective perceptions, which are distinct from personal values(More)
Cross-cultural psychologists assume that core cultural values define to a large extent what a culture is. Typically, core values are identified through an actual self-importance approach, in which core values are those that members of the culture as a group strongly endorse. In this article, the authors propose a perceived cultural importance approach to(More)
422 Ching Wan, Division of Psychology, Nanyang Technological University; Carlos J. Torelli, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota; Chi-yue Chiu, Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University. The present research was partly supported by a grant (BCS-0743119) the National Science Foundation awarded to the third author.(More)
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