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Manufacturers have already deployed RFID technology in products that could be spoiled during transportation due to temperature extremes. For example, frozen chicken has a high risk of salmonella contamination if it becomes too warm for a long time. If the temperature exceeds a certain threshold, a permanent electrical change occurs in the RFID-based label.(More)
The intelligent web-based systems had been developed for various applications such as conceptual design, rapid prototyping manufacturing, and supply chain planning. On the other hand, hardward/software (HW/SW) codesign is commonly used methodology for digital-system design. Noteworthy, our previous work had carried out in order to develop a web-based HW/SW(More)
Defect inspection plays a critical role in thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) manufacture, and has received much attention in the field of automatic optical inspection (AOI). Previously, most focus was put on the problems of macro-scale Mura-defect detection in cell process, but it has recently been found that the defects which(More)
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