Ching-Shui Huang

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Enolase-α (ENO-1) is a key glycolytic enzyme that has been used as a diagnostic marker to identify human lung cancers. To investigate the role of ENO-1 in breast cancer diagnosis and therapy, the mRNA levels of ENO-1 in 244 tumor and normal paired tissue samples and 20 laser capture-microdissected cell clusters were examined by quantitative real-time PCR(More)
Experience collected from 5200 cases of laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) and 29 patients (6 ours, 23 referred) with major common bile duct (CBD) injury during LC in our institute between December 1990 and July 2004 was reported to demonstrate that the system approach we applied in performing LC prevents CBD injury and enhances surgical performance. Each(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to compare the postoperative pain, complications, and recurrence after bilayer polypropylene mesh inguinal hernioplasty using fibrin sealant versus sutures for fixation. METHODS Patients were assigned randomly to either a mesh fixed with suture group (n = 26) or a mesh fixed with fibrin sealant group (n = 30).(More)
Previous studies have demonstrated that the persistent exposure of human bronchial epithelial cells to nicotine (Nic) through nicotinic acetylcholine receptors increases cyclin D1 promoter activity and protein expression. The main purpose of this study is to elucidate the carcinogenic role of cyclin D3, which is involved in breast tumorigenesis when induced(More)
BACKGROUND Large epidemiological cohort studies in the United States have indicated that active and passive smoking are associated with increased breast cancer risk. However, there was no direct evidence of an effect of tobacco carcinogens on the cellular molecules involved in breast tumorigenesis. METHODS Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction(More)
AIM To investigate health-related quality of life data of disease-free gastric adenocarcinoma survivors, with special emphasis on the roles of clinical stages and reconstructive surgical procedures. METHODS We performed a cross-sectional study in 51 disease-free gastric adenocarcinoma patients. The patients had been followed for at least 6 (median 17,(More)
This analysis was undertaken to compare the clinicopathological features of infants with choledochal cysts to those of older children with these entities and to evaluate the surgical outcomes for both subject groups. The medical records of all children admitted to the Cathay General Hospital with choledochal cysts over a 20-year period were retrospectively(More)
Breast cancer is the most common malignancy among women and has an age-specific incidence profile. Over the last decade, many studies have demonstrated the anticancer activity of α-tocopherol, the main and most active form of natural vitamin E. α-Tocopherol-associated protein (TAP) was found to be one of the major α-tocopherol binding proteins in human(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate changes in quality-of-life following laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) in adults with cholelithiasis. Patients were evaluated with the Medical Outcomes Study 36-Item Short-Form Health Survey (SF-36) and the Gastrointestinal Quality of Life Index (GIQLI) preoperatively and 12 months after LC. Outcome predictors were(More)
Although laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) has become the gold standard for the management of gallstone disease, the application of laparoscopic common bile duct exploration (LCBDE) for choledocholithiasis has been slower. The aim of this study is to determine the feasibility and effectiveness of LCBDE. A retrospective cohort study was conducted to compare(More)