Ching-Shoei Chiang

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Recent evidence supports the notion that biological functions of extracellular matrix (ECM) are highly correlated to not only its composition but also its structure. This article integrates confocal microscopy imaging and image-processing techniques to analyze the microstructural properties of ECM. This report describes a two- and three-dimensional fiber(More)
We study the octilinear Steiner tree to evaluate the rectilinear Steiner tree based router. First, we give the worst and average case wirelength for rectilinear routing and octilinear routing for two terminals net. Next, we show the octilinear Steiner trees have smaller wirelength reduction for multiterminal net than that of rectilinear Steiner tree. Then,(More)
Variable-radius circles are common constructs in planar constraint solving and are usually not handled fully by algebraic constraint solvers. We give a complete treatment of variable-radius circles when such a circle must be determined simultaneously with placing two groups of geometric entities. The problem arises for instance in solvers using triangle(More)
In geometric constraint solving, constructing circles with indeterminate radius is an important sub problem. Such constructions are both sequential, meaning that we seek a circle tangent to three known geometric entities, as well as simultaneous, when several sets of entities, among them variable-radius circles, must be determined together. In Part I of our(More)
Complies with University regulations and meets the standards of the Graduate School for originality and quality II 111 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I am most grateful to my advisor, Professor Christoph ~\!I. Hoffmann, for his constant encouragement and guidance, and for his reading the whole manuscript and making many valuable suggestions. He has significantly(More)