Ching-Shiang Fang

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Headache can be attributed to cranial or cervical vascular disorders including ischemic stroke or transient ischemic attack, non-traumatic intracranial hemorrhage, unruptured vascular malformation, arteritis, carotid-vertebral artery pain, and cerebral venous thrombosis. Here, we present a case report of unruptured saccular aneurysm with migraine. The(More)
Novel Ag(32) clusters, [Ag(16)(EO(4)){S(2)P(OEt)(2)}(12)](2) (PF(6))(4) (E = S, 1; Se, 2) and [Ag(16)(MO(4)){S(2)P(OEt)(2)}(12)](2)(PF(6))(4) (M = Cr, 3; Mo, 4), were prepared in situ from the addition of a tetrahedral-shaped anion as a template to the pentanuclear extended chain [Ag(5){S(2)P(OEt)(2)}(4)](n)(PF(6))(n).
Extended chain polymers [Ag(5){S(2)P(OEt)(2)}(4)(PF(6))](n), (1) could be converted to clusters of the type, [Ag(8)(X){S(2)P(OEt)(2)}(6)](PF(6)) [X = F (2); Cl (3); H (4)], by the addition of appropriate anions, of which [Ag(8)(H){S(2)P(OEt)(2)}(6)](+) showed a unique tetracapped-tetrahedral Ag(8) core and contained Ag-mu-H-Ag linkages.
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