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Self-organization and selection in the emergence of vocabulary
We use simulation models and mathematical analysis to explore the process of how convention is achieved to form a coherent naming system—which we may refer to as a vocabulary. Expand
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Acquisition and evolution of phonological systems
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An acquisition model of speech perception with considerations of temporal information
We present a self-organizing map model of speech perception that captures temporal information of speech and can be used to learn the sequence of speech components. Expand
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A Computational Model on the Emergence of Vowel Transition Perception
The speech generalizing abilities of infants in their native language improve as they grow up throughout their first half-year [1]. The emergence of this ability is a self-organizing process becauseExpand
The Influence of Linguistic Background on Asymmetric Tone Perception Induced by Position of Context
This paper investigates whether categorical perception of lexical tones also depends on lexical meaning of the syllable, by comparing the performance from native Cantonese speakers and French speakers on real speech and pseudoword continua. Expand
Focusing on a Subset of Scripts Enhances the Learning Efficiency of Second Language Writing System
We propose that learning a subset of graphemes that have relatively large inventory size could be learnt more efficiently through reordering the learning sequence. Expand