Ching-Ming Tien

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Existing layer 4 load balancers are content-blind and often have difficulty in redirecting HTTP requests to the appropriate server in the session manner. Layer 7 load balancers, also referred to as web switches, are content-aware and support session persistence. However, most web switches employ a bidirection architecture, which means both request and(More)
Differentiated quality of service is a way for a website operator to provide different service levels to its clients. Traditional HTTP request scheduling schemes can achieve this, but they schedule requests to manage only one server resource, such as CPU or disk I/O. Actually, processing a request on the server will consume multiple resources. This paper(More)
This paper presents a SOAP request scheduling algorithm for differentiated quality of service. The scheduling algorithm can be deployed on a Web services server or any server that processes SOAP requests. Due to the resource-intensive security processing of SOAP messages, this research implements the scheduling algorithm on a QoS security server. The(More)
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