Ching-Lung Fu

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The effectiveness of interaction with mobile devices can be impacted by handedness; however, support for handedness in the interface is rarely provided. The goal of this article is to demonstrate that handedness is a significant interface consideration that should not be overlooked. Four studies were conducted to explore left-handed user interaction with(More)
Spatial hypertext was developed from studies of how humans deal with information overflow particularly in situations where data needed to be interpreted quickly. Most users of intrusion detection systems (IDS) do not monitor their system continuously and IDS have high false alarm rates. The proposed system that utilizes spatial hypertext workspace as the(More)
Although the underlying mechanism is not well understood, there is considerable evidence that the constellation of cognitive factors known as ‘spatial aptitude’ influences users’ performance in information spaces. Evidence of the effect in the computer science literature is contradictory: some studies show that techniques, which support users with lower(More)
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