Ching-Lung Chang

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Following with the advancements in digitization technology and broadband communication technology, real-time video streaming service has become an essential one for next generation Internet. When transmitting compressed video across the Internet, however, one of the main challenges is packet error/loss. High coding dependencies among video frames suffer(More)
In order to use WDM networks efficiently and effectively, a lightpath is dynamically established upon the arrival of a connection request. The dynamic routing algorithms are usually classified into adaptive and alternative schemes based on whether the chosen routes are predetermined or not. In this work, we propose a new weighted function for link cost(More)
Near Field Communication (NFC) is a two-way communication technology based on RFID. NFC-equipped phone (NFC phone) that embed the NFC technology into cellular phone earns increasingly attention in business, such as payment and ticketing. This paper presents a novel architecture for NFC phone driven context-aware smart spaces. Based on the architecture,(More)
With the trend of the aging society, how to take good care of the elders has become the significant issue. Based on the techniques of Kinect interface and indoor positioning, this paper develops a power wheelchair control system to improve the living quality of disabled elders. To realize hand gesture recognition with Kinect interface, the disabled elder(More)
This paper focuses on the design of communication strategies between vehicle to roadside unit (RSU). For reducing the contention probability and increasing the probability of uploading high-priority data to the RSU, the IEEE 802.11 PCF MAC protocol is used within the signal coverage rage of RSU. Based on the PCF MAC, a priority-based bandwidth request(More)