Ching-Long Shih

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This paper presents three feedback controllers that achieve an asymptotically stable, periodic, and fast walking gait for a 3-D bipedal robot consisting of a torso, revolute knees, and passive (unactuated) point feet. The walking surface is assumed to be rigid and flat; the contact between the robot and the walking surface is assumed to inhibit yaw(More)
This paper exploits a natural symmetry present in a 3D robot in order to achieve asymptotically stable steering. The robot under study is composed of 5-links and unactuated point feet; it has 9 DoF (degree-of-freedom) in the single support phase and six actuators. The control design begins with a hybrid feedback controller that stabilizes a straight-line(More)
This paper focuses on steering a 3D robot while walking on a flat surface. A hybrid feedback controller designed in [1] for stable walking along a straight line is modified so that it is capable of adjusting the net yaw rotation of the robot over a step in order to steer the robot along paths with mild curvature. The controller is designed on the basis of a(More)