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Species of Caligus Müller, 1785 (Copepoda: Caligidae) parasitic on marine fishes of Taiwan
Six species of copepods of the genus Caligus (Caligidae, Siphonostomatoida) parasitic on marine fishes of Taiwan are reported. They are: C. absens n. sp. from Priacanthus blochii and P. macracanthus;
Six Species of the Lernanthropidae (Crustacea: Copepoda) Parasitic on Marine Fishes of Taiwan, with a Key to 18 Species of the Family Known from Taiwan
This paper proposes treating Mitrapus rubiginosus (Redkar, Rangnekar et Murti 1949) as a junior synonym of M. heteropodus as a key to the 18 species of lernanthropids occurring on marine fishes of Taiwan.
Developmental stages of Caligus epidemicus Hewitt, a copepod parasite of tilapia cultured in brackish water
The larval development of Caligus epidemicus comprises ten stages: two nauplii, one copepodid, six chalimus, and one preadult (young adult) stages, which is described based on material reared from eggs in the laboratory.
Two species of Caligus (Copepoda: Caligidae) parasitic on black sea bream (Acanthopagrus schlegeli) cultured in Taiwan.
This study shows that Caligus dieuzeidei reported by Shiino in 1954 from Sparus macrocephalus (=Acanthopagrus schlegeli) was a misidentification for C. latigenitalis.
Development of Caligus multispinosus Shen, a caligid copepod parasitic on the black sea bream (Acanthopagrus schlegeli) cultured in Taiwan
The development of Caligus multispinosus was studied using instars reared from eggs in the laboratory and specimens obtained from the gills of pond-cultured black sea bream. Nine stages were
Myxobolus Episquamalis (Myxosporea) Occurring on the Scales of the Mullet; Liza Macrolepis, Cultured in Taiwan
The identification of this myxosporean was based on the studies of the trophozoites and spores examined with both light transmitted microscope and scanning electron microscope.
Two new species of taeniacanthid copepods (Poecilostomatoida) parasitic on marine fishes of Taiwan
Two new species of copepods parasitic on fishes of Taiwan are reported, one of which is distinguished from its 38 congeners in carrying a pair of sharp tines in the ventral area of the rostrum.
Solution to the Taxonomic Confusion Surrounding Caligus epinepheli Yamaguti, a Caligid Copepod (Siphonostomatoida) Parasitic on Marine Fishes
Comparative studies of specimens of Caligus recovered from Scolopsis vosmeri (Bloch), Lobotes surinamensis (Bloch), and Acanthopagrus schlegeli Bleeker caught in the waters of Taiwan revealed that
Three species of Caligus Müller, 1785 (Copepoda: Caligidae) parasitic on Caranx spp. (Teleostei: Carangidae) off Taiwan
The first report of C. fortis outside the Australian and Indian regions is reported, and the new species is distinguished from its congeners in lacking postantennal process and carrying a pair of tiny, tooth-like, sharp protuberances on the posterior margin of the cephalothoracic shield.
Two species of Makrostrotos gen. nov. (Copepoda: Taeniacanthidae) parasitic on the laced moray (Gymnothorax favagineus bloch and schneider) in Taiwan
The new genus Makrostrotos is characterized in having a T-shaped (instead of a Y-shaped) rostral bar, a robust, prehensile maxilla, and a whiplike maxilliped.