Ching-Lin Chen

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A pilot-scale study investigating the use of low-pressure, high-intensity UV radiation for disinfection of urban wastewater was conducted. The inactivation of coliform bacteria, wastewater-indigenous enteric viruses, seeded poliovirus, and seeded F-specific coliphage was studied. During the course of the pilot study, infectious human adenoviruses were(More)
To investigate the effect of PEO-PPO-PEO polymeric micelles (PM) formulation on the bioavailability of methylprednisolone (MP), a treatment of spinal cord injury (SCI), to the blood and spinal cord (SC) of rabbits. The characteristic of MP formulated with PM (MP/PM) was evaluated by critical micelles concentration (CMC), dynamic light scattering (DLS),(More)
BACKGROUND Orbital infiltration in patients with multiple myeloma is a rare condition, with less than 50 cases reported in the medical literature. Most patients undergo conservative treatment because multiple myeloma is a disseminated systemic disease. CASE PRESENTATION A 43-year-old male subject with multiple myeloma and long-term survival presented with(More)
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