Ching-Liang Su

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This research uses the ring to line mapping technique to map the object image to the straight-line signals. The ‘vector magnitude invariant transform’ technique is used to transfer the object signal to an invariant vector magnitude quantity for object-identification. The ‘vector magnitude invariant transform’ technique can solve the image rotation problem.(More)
This study uses object-extracting technique to extract – thumb, index, middle, ring, and small fingers from hands. The algorithm developed in this study can find precise locations of fingertips and finger-to-finger-valleys. The extracted fingers contain many useful geometry features. One can use these features to conduct the person identification. Geometry(More)
This research uses the morphology technique to extract the Chinese-seal-print-images. The algorithm developed in this research can find the precise locations of the Chinese-seal-printimages. After finding the positions of the Chinese-seal-print-images. Image rotating, image shifting, and image interpolating techniques are used to align different(More)