Ching Lian Chua

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We observe two trends in bioinformatics: (i) analyses are increasing in complexity, often requiring several applications to be run as a workflow; and (ii) multiple CPU clusters and Grids are available to more scientists. The traditional solution to the problem of running workflows across multiple CPUs required programming, often in a scripting language such(More)
In this paper, we describe Automated Red Teaming (ART), a concept that uses Evolutionary Algorithm (EA), Parallel Computing and Simulation to complement the manual Red Teaming effort to uncover system vulnerabilities or to find exploitable gaps in military operational concepts. The overall goal is to reduce surprises, improve and ensure the robustness of(More)
In this paper, we describe an objective-based Data Farming approach for red teaming called Automated Red Teaming (ART). The main idea is to develop an ART framework using Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs), Parallel Computing and Simulation, and apply it to uncover exploitable gaps in military operational concepts, complementing the Manual Red Teaming (MRT)(More)
This paper gives a summary of Singapore's involvement in Data Farming since 2002, tracing the country's progression from basically "zero" to a key partner in the International Data Farming community. It highlights how the Data Farming methodology, coupled with efficient experiment designs, visualization concepts, and evolutionary algorithms, has helped to(More)
The Mimosa Pudica is an action plant that closes its leaves when given a stimulus. The plant integrates both sensing and actuating mechanisms, and the distinctive motion is about a hinge-like point, the pulvinus, making the characterization of the motion attractive. In this project, experiments were set up to measure the characteri stics of the plants in(More)
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