Ching-Kuo Wang

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Energy efficiency and the power dynamics are two dominant issues of the DC power platform on the moving robot. However, nanotechnology makes it possible to upgrade the capacitor as a dynamic power source with better charge and discharge performance. This paper is aimed to organize an inventive, inexpensive, convenient, and reliable hybrid recharging system(More)
Homecare robots are getting more reliable and less expensive than traditional nanny. However, the cruising period is conspicuously restrained by the heavy weight and the discharge instability of the existed battery structure. Generally speaking, the state of discharge (SOD) of Lithium cells can be satisfied by the series-connected cells with gas-gauge if(More)
This paper develops an industrialized PLC-based controller to navigate escaping motions of wheeled robots with variable centre of gravity. The caterpillar vehicle is conspicuously restrained by the heavy weight and the discharge capacity of the battery pack, power management and charge/discharge reliability. In general, battery capacity and the(More)
The realistic implementations and the systematic designs play increasingly important roles in the modern manufacturing process since the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution, i.e., industry 4.0 in the coming decades. However, the industrial model of batch specifications with versatile loading effects elevates the complexities of the customized(More)
This paper is dedicated to self-handcraft an inexpensive, however, anthropomorphic head skull on the viewpoint of ryodoraku craftsmanship instead of the traditionally engineering viewpoint. Generally speaking, Artificial emotions can be categorized into three stages. i.e., the preliminary abstraction, secondary expressionism, and advanced anthropomorphism.(More)
Delicate variations of the facial emotions can dramatically spiritualize the humanoid robot with passionate scenarios. Most facial mechanisms are driven by the stepping motor, the RC-servomotor, and the pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. However, the traditional issues on the reduction gear, the braking mechanism, and the complexity the pneumatic or(More)
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