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The set of frequent closed itemsets uniquely determines the exact frequency of all itemsets, yet it can be orders of magnitude smaller than the set of all frequent itemsets. In this paper, we present CHARM, an efficient algorithm for mining all frequent closed itemsets. It enumerates closed sets using a dual itemset-tidset search tree, using an efficient(More)
The task of mining association rules consists of two main steps. The first involves finding the set of all frequent itemsets. The second step involves testing and generating all high confidence rules among itemsets. In this paper we show that it is not necessary to mine all frequent itemsets in the first step, instead it is sufficient to mine the set of(More)
Variable block size motion estimator (VBSME) for scan rate up-convertor (SRUC) based on the algorithm/architecture co-exploration (AAC) design methodology is presented in this paper. Due to the concurrent exploration of both algorithm and architecture, the designed system requires comparatively less computations and hardware cost but is capable of enhancing(More)
In this paper, a High-throughput Context Adaptive Variable Length Coding decoder which is capable for supporting AVC/H.264 HP@level 4.2 has been presented. To increase throughput, multi-symbol decoders for “LEVEL” and “RunBefore” and architecture of fast zero insertion are presented to reduce processing cycles to reach(More)
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