Ching-Hua Chiu

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Injury to finger flexor tendons or extensor digitorum tendons necessitates operations and rehabilitation to regain normal function. In this study, a system was designed to simulate the rehabilitation motions for injured finger flexor and extensor digitorum tendons, such as making a fist and extending the fingers. The dynamic system (DS) is based on a(More)
In this work, n-GZO/a:amorphous-Si(i:intrinsic)/p( + )-Si photodiodes are fabricated. We employed a nanosphere lithographic technique to obtain nanoscale patterns on either the a-Si(i) or p( + )-Si surface. As compared with the planar n-GZO/p( + )-Si diode, the devices with nanopatterned a-Si(i) and nanopatterned p( + )-Si substrates show a 32% and 36.2%(More)
An excersice prescription is a professionally designed excersice plan for improving one's health according to the results of his health-related physical fitness (HRPF) tests. Traditionally, an excersice prescription is formulated by manually checking the norm-referenced chart of HRPF; however, it is time consuming and a highly specialized and experienced(More)
The purpose of this study is to use computer simulation to establish the optimal release conditions for javelin world record holders. The researcher adopted the data on the relationship between the attack angle and the distance from COM (the javelin’s center of mass) to COP (the javelin's center of pressure), and used javelins which complied with the new(More)
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