Ching-Hsien Hsu

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The problem of redundant RFID reader elimination has instigated researchers to propose different optimization heuristics due to the rapid advance of technologies in large scale RFID systems. In this paper, we present a layered elimination optimization (LEO) which is an algorithm independent technique aims to detect maximum amount of redundant readers could(More)
Mobile ad-hoc social networks (MASNs) are emerging as a self-configuring and self-organizing social networking paradigm, which enhance local interactions among mobile and handheld device users. However, the MASNs cannot be directly derived on demand for various Android systems from existing social networks (SNs) without having access to end-to-end IT(More)
Array redistribution is usually required to enhance algorithm performance in many parallel programs on distributed memory multicomputers. Since it is performed at run-time, there is a performance trade-off between the efficiency of the new data decomposition for a subsequent phase of an algorithm and the cost of redistributing data among processors. In this(More)
Task consolidation is a way to maximize utilization of cloud computing resources. Maximizing resource utilization provides various benefits such as the rationalization of maintenance , IT service customization, and QoS and reliable services. However, maximizing resource utilization does not mean efficient energy use. Much of the literature shows that energy(More)
Task consolidation is a way of maximizing cloud computing resource, which brings many benefits such as better use of resources, rationalization of maintenance, IT service customization, QoS and reliable services, etc. However, maximizing resource utilization does not mean efficient energy usage. Many literature show that energy consumption and resource(More)
In the era of Big Data, huge amounts of structured and unstructured data are being produced daily by a myriad of ubiquitous sources. Big Data is difficult to work with and requires massively parallel software running on a large number of computers. MapReduce is a recent programming model that simplifies writing distributed applications that handle Big Data.(More)
Social recommender systems leverage collaborative filtering (CF) to serve users with content that is of potential interesting to active users. A wide spectrum of CF schemes has been proposed. However, most of them cannot deal with the cold-start problem that denotes a situation that social media sites fail to draw recommendation for new items, users or(More)
Virtualization, particularly in the field of cloud computing, is a common strategy to improve existing computing resources. Hadoop, one of the Apache projects, is designed to scale up from single servers to thousands of machines, each offering local computation and storage capabilities. However, how to guarantee both stability and reliability of(More)
This paper plays a role for electricity providers, who are actively developing digital meters and power management systems, and develops an energy management system by using service-oriented architecture. In addition to a power management system, the policy has changed from the traditional way in Taiwan by using energy-saving appliances. Therefore, the(More)