Ching-Hai Lee

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OBJECTIVE Reliable chronic recordings from implanted neural probes remain a significant challenge; current silicon-based and microwire technologies experience a wide range of biotic and abiotic failure modes contributing to loss of signal quality. APPROACH A multi-prong alternative strategy with potential to overcome these hurdles is introduced that(More)
—We describe and demonstrate a modular micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS)-based optical cross-connect (OXC) architecture. The OXC port count increases modularly by adding new optical modules, and a maximum cross-connectivity of 350 350 can be achieved in the current design. Each optical module has 16 ports with closed-loop servo-controlled MEMS mirrors.(More)
Recently oblique projection has been studied for many applications in signal processing. In this paper, the concept of oblique projection is applied to develop an algorithm for hyperspectral image classi"cation. Compared with the orthogonal subspace projector (OSP), it can be found that OSP is a priori classi"er but the oblique subspace projection classi"er(More)
(2012), " Disturbance-free digital holographic microscopy using micro phase-shifting approach, " under reviewing by Appl. Phys. B (Germany) (SCI Paper) Novel field-induced gray-level selective patterning of self-assembled aminosilane monolayer on the SiO2 surfaces by using scanning probe bond breaking lithography " , Jpn. J. Electrical properties and(More)
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