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Antifibrotic effects of tetrandrine on hepatic stellate cells and rats with liver fibrosis
Background:  Anti‐inflammation strategies are one of the proposed therapeutic approaches to hepatic fibrosis. Tetrandrine (C38H42O8N2, molecular weight: 622; Tet), an alkaloid isolated from theExpand
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High-performance 3D-SRAM architecture design
A high-performance three-dimension (3D) static random access memory (SRAM) architecture design is presented in this paper. The emerging 3D integration technology involves stacking two or more dieExpand
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Anti-fibrotic effects of tetrandrine on bile-duct ligated rats.
Tetrandrine (Tet) (C38H42O8N2; molecular weight, 622), an alkaloid isolated from the Chinese medicinal herb Stephania tetrandra, has been shown to elicit anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic effectsExpand
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Analysis and Architecture Design of a Downlink $M$-Modification MC-CDMA System Using the Tomlinson–Harashima Precoding Technique
This paper investigates the feasibility of applying Tomlinson-Harashima precoding (THP) to multicarrier code-division multiple-access (MC-CDMA) system downlinks, in which multiple-access interferenceExpand
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Phenols from the roots of Rheum palmatum attenuate chemotaxis in rat hepatic stellate cells.
In liver injury, hepatic stellate cells (HSCs) acquire an activated phenotype, migrate to the injured region in response to chemotactic factors and produce extracellular matrix (ECM) proteinsExpand
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Effects of rhubarb on migration of rat hepatic stellate cells
Background and Aims:  In chronic liver injury, hepatic stellate cells (HSCs) acquire an activated phenotype, migrate to the injured region in response to chemotactic factors, and produceExpand
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Hepatitis C virus core protein stimulates fibrogenesis in hepatic stellate cells involving the obese receptor
Hepatitis C virus core protein (HCVcp), which is secreted by infected cells, is reported as an immunomodulator in immune cells. However, the effects of HCVcp on hepatic stellate cells (HSCs), the keyExpand
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Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in sunitinib malate-related cardiomyopathy: no late gadolinium enhancement.
Sunitinib malate, an oral multitargeted tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI), has been approved for the treatment of advanced renal cell carcinoma and gastrointestinal stromal tumors. It is supposed thatExpand
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Hardware Architecture of Improved Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding for Downlink MC-CDMA
In this paper, Tomlinson-Harashima precoding (THP) algorithm for the downlink of MC-CDMA system, in which multiple-access interference and possible complexity in the mobile terminal are majorExpand
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Detection of asymptomatic paroxysmal atrial fibrillation with the trans-telephonic electrocardiograph system.
Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (PAF) carries an equally high annual stroke rate as chronic atrial fibrillation (AF). Furthermore, the frequency and duration of PAF are thought to be associated withExpand
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