Ching-Farn E. Wu

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Recovering from OS crashes has traditionally been done using reboot or checkpoint-restart mechanisms. Such techniques either fail to preserve the state before the crash happens or require modifications to applications. To eliminate these problems, we present a novel OS-hyper visor infrastructure for automated OS crash diagnosis and recovery in virtual(More)
Many OS crashes are caused by bugs in kernel extensions or device drivers while the OS itself may have been tested rigorously. To make an OS immortal we must resurrect the OS from these crashes. We present a novel OS-hypervisor infrastructure that allows automated and transparent OS crash diagnosis and recovery in a virtual environment. This infrastructure(More)
Grid services are emerging technologies for the next generation web services. In this paper we design and implement a manageability framework based on Globus toolkit version 3. Two port types, one for enumerating resource ids and the other for enumerating associated resource ids, are proposed for Common Management Model and implemented in the framework. A(More)
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