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Mutants of the Drosophila dunce (dnc) and rutabaga (rut) genes, which encode a cAMP-specific phosphodiesterase and a calcium/calmodulin-responsive adenylyl cyclase, respectively, are deficient in short-term memory. Altered synaptic plasticity has been demonstrated at neuromuscular junctions in these mutants, but little is known about how their central(More)
The relative contributions of the intrinsic and extrinsic factors in determining neuronal differentiation are not fully understood yet. We found that isolated neuroblasts from Drosophila gastrulae were able to differentiate neuron-specific properties in culture even when cell divisions were inhibited. The resultant giant multinucleated neurons displayed(More)
Expression of transgenic Shaker (Sh) channels has not previously been examined in Drosophila neurons. We studied K+ current by whole-cell recording in cultured "giant" neurons derived from germline transformants. Independent lines were generated by using a P-element vector, in which transcription of the 29-4 cDNA, one of the Sh splicing variants (Iverson(More)
Cultured "giant" Drosophila neurons derived from cytokinesis-arrested embryonic neuroblasts express various membrane channels and excitability patterns. Both current- and voltage-clamp recordings could be performed on the same neuron owing to the large cell size, thus making it possible to elucidate the functional role of individual types of channels. This(More)
Glomerular capillary remodeling is an essential process in the development of glomerular hypertrophy. Angiopoietins, which are important regulators in angiogenesis, plays a role in the development of glomerulus during embryogenesis. Here, we evaluated the influence of angiopoietin on glomerular components and hypertrophy after uninephrectomy in adult male(More)
Integration technologies like Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Web Services allow organisations to collaborate with their partners, increase flexibility and gain competitive advantages. Despite the benefits that the integration of Information Systems (IS) can offer to enterprises, little attention has paid on the adoption of integration software(More)
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