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This study was undertaken in an animal model of mild diabetes to determine if provision of chronic insulin replacement during postprandial hyperglycemia may modify the abnormalities of myocardium. Group 1 served as controls with normal glucose tolerance by intravenous testing. Two additional groups were made diabetic with low doses of alloxan. Diabetic(More)
The effects of chronic tolbutamide treatment were examined in a diabetic animal model in which abnormal myocardial function and composition have previously been demonstrated. Eight diabetic dogs were given tolbutamide 250 mg/day orally and compared with seven untreated diabetics, five healthy dogs receiving tolbutamide, and eight normal controls. After one(More)
Alcoholic subjects differ in the incidence of cardiomyopathy. Of potential variables, sex may be important since few females are seen with cardiomyopathy, even adjusting for the lower incidence of alcoholism. To examine this question, noninvasive systolic time intervals were measured in 22 males and 14 females of similar age, heart rate, and arterial(More)
To investigate the relationship between cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy and nephropathy in patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM), 45 patients underwent noninvasive cardiovascular reflex tests, including the Valsalva ratio, the 30:15 ratio and postural changes in systolic blood pressure (delta SBP), along with measurement of(More)
Confluent left ventricular scar without significant coronary obstruction has been found in alcoholic subjects at autopsy. To evaluate the pathogenesis, 12 patients with chronic alcoholism and severe precordial pain persisting 4-24 hours were observed clinically. Cardiac isoenzymes of lactic dehydrogenase rose in serum. ST segment was elevated in anterior or(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Shockwave lithotripsy (SWL) has a variable but low success rate for impacted stones of the upper ureter. Ureterorenoscopic stone manipulation is another option, the appropriateness of which decreases with increasing size of the stone. This report examines the feasibility and effectiveness of ureterorenoscopic holmium:YAG lasertripsy(More)
Glomerular capillary remodeling is an essential process in the development of glomerular hypertrophy. Angiopoietins, which are important regulators in angiogenesis, plays a role in the development of glomerulus during embryogenesis. Here, we evaluated the influence of angiopoietin on glomerular components and hypertrophy after uninephrectomy in adult male(More)
Integration technologies like Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Web Services allow organisations to collaborate with their partners, increase flexibility and gain competitive advantages. Despite the benefits that the integration of Information Systems (IS) can offer to enterprises, little attention has paid on the adoption of integration software(More)