Ching-Chung Chen

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The intelligent smart home provides various services offering and amount of knowledge reasoning. However, programmers need to consider about constraints including scenarios in different houses, scenarios for different users, and even different resources. That is, infrastructures deployment and scenarios design are truly time consuming. Actually, it is more(More)
Currently, several smart phones have GPS receivre built- in, such as Motorola E1000, HP iPAQ 6515 and Mio A700. Equipped with GPS receiver, the mobile phone has enabled its owner to become a personal position locator. The proposed project GPSenseCar is to use the WiFi smart phone with the built-in GPS receiver to develop a collision avoidance support system(More)
As the development of Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly emphasized, how to adopt interconnected sensors and devices in conjunction with situation-awareness based system to smarten living applications has paid great attentions. On a multiple-units connected environment, a scheme of event-condition-action (ECA) is frequently used to serve automatic(More)
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