Ching-Chow Yang

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Purpose – Most studies on higher education focus on students as customers, and evaluate student levels of satisfaction/dissatisfaction with their programs, while generally neglecting teacher work satisfaction. Thus, this study evaluates how employee dissatisfaction with various investment items determines the improvement priority.(More)
This paper examines the effectiveness of the implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) in improving service quality in the Taiwanese semiconductor industry by assessing the expectations and the perceptions of service quality from the perspectives of both upstream manufacturers and downstream customers. The study first establishes a modified(More)
It is not sufficient for a contemporary firm to satisfy its customers; to be really successful, a firm must create value for its customers. In so doing, it will also derive value from its customers. In this regard, the present study first redefines the categories of customer value by suggesting a new category of 'creative value'. The paper then explores the(More)
To gain competitive advantage in a fast changing environment, the higher education institution (HEI) must continuously adjust the strategies to that environment. One important strategy is how to determine appropriate practical actions based on what students really need and want. Despite the abundance of research on service quality management, there is no(More)
This study establishes a stolen-vehicle tracking management information system (MIS) combining information technology (IT) equipment in a wireless local area network (WLAN), personal digital assistant (PDA), and charge couple devices (CCD) camera with vehicle license plate recognition (LPR) technology. First, the police setup CCD cameras at fixed locations(More)
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