Ching-Chin Chern

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Online gaming has become a popular leisure-time activity in resent years. In this study, we adopted the Push-Pull-Mooring Model, which analyzes human migration behavior based on the Demographic Migration Theory, to explain why players switch from an existing game to a new one. An empirical survey was conducted to collect data from 574 online gamers and then(More)
This study examines the relationship between software project team characteristics and team performance by focusing on two questions: whether or not different team characteristics in software project team affect project performance, and whether or not different types of team motivation lead to different level of influence to the relationship between team(More)
The incremental technique is a way to solve the issue of added-in data without re-implementing the original algorithm in a dynamic database. There are numerous studies of incremental rough set based approaches. However, these approaches are applied to traditional rough set based rule induction, which may generate redundant rules without focus, and they do(More)