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The <i>canonical ordering</i> for triconnected planar graphs is a powerful method for designing graph algorithms. This paper introduces the <i>orderly pair</i> of connected planar graphs, which extends the concept of canonical ordering to planar graphs not required to be triconnected. Let <i>G</i> be a connected planar graph. We give a linear-time algorithm(More)
—Power consumption is one of the most critical problems in data centers. One effective way to reduce power consumption is to consolidate the hosting workloads and shut down physical machines which become idle after consolidation. Server consolidation is a NP-hard problem. In this paper, a new algorithms Dynamic Round-Robin (DRR), is proposed for(More)
Let G be an n-node planar graph. In a visibility representation of G, each node of G is represented by a horizontal line segment such that the line segments representing any two adjacent nodes of G are vertically visible to each other. In the present paper we give the best known compact visibility representation of G. Given a canonical ordering of the(More)