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A set of 142 winter wheat recombinant inbred lines (RILs) deriving from the cross Heshangmai × Yu8679 were tried in four ecological environments during the seasons 2006 and 2007. Nine agronomic traits comprising mean grain filling rate (GFRmean), maximum grain filling rate (GFRmax), grain filling duration (GFD), grain number per ear (GNE), grain weight per(More)
Functionally similar pathways are often seen in biological systems, forming feed-forward controls. The robustness in network motifs such as feed-forward loops (FFLs) has been reported previously. In this work, we studied noise propagation in a development network that has multiple interlinked FFLs. A FFL has the potential of asymmetric noise-filtering(More)
The Fluctuation-Dissipation theorem (FDT) connects the "memory" in the fluctuation in equilibrium to the response of a system after a perturbation, which has been a fundamental ground in many branches of physics. When viewing a cell as a stochastic biochemical system, the cell's response under a perturbation is related to its intrinsic steady-state(More)
Eley-Rideal reaction mechanism is studied over rough surface of random deposi-tion model. Two types of rough surface are considered: (1) different rough surface with same surface density and (2) different rough surface with different surface density. Dynamic scaling theory, which is generally applied to the growing surface, is applied for this reaction(More)
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