Ching-Cher Sanders Yan

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Pain evoked unit discharges in the parafascicular nucleus could be inhibited by direct electrical stimulation of the centromedian nucleus of thalamus, with residual inhibitory effect lasting for several minutes after cessation of stimulation. The optimal frequency of stimulation for production of the inhibitory effect was found to be 4--8 pulses per second.(More)
Functionally similar pathways are often seen in biological systems, forming feed-forward controls. The robustness in network motifs such as feed-forward loops (FFLs) has been reported previously. In this work, we studied noise propagation in a development network that has multiple interlinked FFLs. A FFL has the potential of asymmetric noise-filtering(More)
The Fluctuation-Dissipation theorem (FDT) connects the "memory" in the fluctuation in equilibrium to the response of a system after a perturbation, which has been a fundamental ground in many branches of physics. When viewing a cell as a stochastic biochemical system, the cell's response under a perturbation is related to its intrinsic steady-state(More)
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