Ching-Cheng Shen

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Discretization techniques can be used to reduce the number of values for a given continuous attribute, and a concept hierarchy can be used to define a discretization of a given continuous attribute. Traditional methods of building a concept hierarchy from a continuous attribute are usually based on the level-wise approach. Unfortunately, this approach(More)
Kun-Lin Hsieh*, Yan-Kwang Chen and Ching-Cheng Shen Department of Information Management, National Taitung University, 684, Chung Hua Rd, Sector 1, Taitung, Taiwan, ROC Department of Logistics Engineering and Management, National Taichung Institute of Technology, 129, Sanmin Rd, Sector 3, Taichung, Taiwan, ROC Graduate School of Travel Management, Kaohsiung(More)
This paper introduces the confidence interval estimate for measuring the bullwhip effect, which has been observed across most industries. Calculating a confidence interval usually needs the assumption about the underlying distribution. Bootstrapping is a non-parametric, but computer intensive, estimation method. In this paper, a simulation study on the(More)
This paper develops a multiobjective programming model for the optimal allocation of passenger train services on an intercity high-speed rail line without branches. Minimizing the operator's total operating cost and minimizing the passenger's total travel time loss are the two planning objectives of the model. For a given many-to-many travel demand and a(More)
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