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Smoking, Habitual Tea Drinking and Metabolic Syndrome in Elderly Men Living in Rural Community: The Tianliao Old People (TOP) Study 02
It is suggested that smoking habit was positively associated with metabolic syndrome, but tea drinking habit was negatively associated with MetS in elderly men dwelling in rural community.
Prevalence and associated factors of sarcopenia and severe sarcopenia in older Taiwanese living in rural community: The Tianliao Old People study 04
The aim of the present study was to show the prevalence and associated factors of sarcopenia and severe sarcopenia in rural community‐dwelling older Taiwanese.
Genetic Structure and Conservation Considerations of Rare Endemic Abeliophyllum distichum Nakai (Oleaceae) in Korea
The management of rare plant species should include improvement of genetic exchanges among populations by artificial gene flow, indicated that pollinators contributed considerably to natural population and that pollinator limitation could potentially reduce fitness of A. distichum in wild populations.
A Morphometric Analysis of the Eastern Asian Kalopanax Septemlobus (Thunb.) Koidz. (Araliaceae)
A morphometric analysis of herbarium material supplemented with a large sample of field-collected leaves indicated that Kalopanax septemlobus should be recognized as one polymorphic species and suggests that the species may exhibit environmental plasticity.
Cyclophilin A is Associated with Peripheral Artery Disease and Chronic Kidney Disease in Geriatrics: The Tianliao Old People (TOP) Study
With a prevalence of PAOD as high as 14.4% in an elderly community, CyPA might be the link between PAOD and advanced impaired renal function.