Chin-hui Yu

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OBJECTIVES Complementary and alternative therapies in treating atopic dermatitis are not uncommon. However, substantial evidence and consensus on treating atopic dermatitis is lacking. The aim of this study is to investigate the characteristics and utilization of traditional Chinese medicine in patients with atopic dermatitis. DESIGN We retrospectively(More)
The ground state vinylidene–acetylene isomerization was investigated by ab initio molecular electronic structure theory. The coupled-cluster method with single, double, and noniterative inclusion of triple excitations @CCSD~T!#; with single, double, and noniterative inclusion of triple and quadruple excitations @CCSD~TQ!#; and with full single, double, and(More)
Density functional theory has been used to calculate the thermodynamic properties and molecular orbitals of pillar[n]quinones. Pillar[n]quinones are expected to be effective electron acceptors and the ability to accept more than one electron increases with the size of the interior cavity. Pillar[5]quinone and pillar[7]quinone show a great intramolecular(More)
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