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Nowadays most people can get enough energy to maintain one-day activity, while few people know whether they eat healthily or not. It is quite important to analyze nutritional facts for foods eaten for those who are losing weight or suffering chronic diseases such as diabetes. This paper proposes a novel type-2 fuzzy ontology, including a type-2 fuzzy food(More)
This paper proposes a novel type-2 fuzzy ontology, including a type-2 food ontology and a type-2 FML-based ontology, for diet assessment. In addition, the paper presents a type-2 fuzzy diet assessment agent. In the proposed approach, firstly, the nutrition facts of various kinds of food are collected from the Internet and the convenience store. Next, the(More)
It is widely pointed out that classical ontologies are not sufficient to deal with imprecise and vague knowledge for some real world applications, but the fuzzy ontology can effectively solve data and knowledge with uncertainty. In this paper, an ontology-based intelligent fuzzy agent (OIFA), including a fuzzy markup language (FML) generating mechanism, a(More)
In this paper, we propose a Genetic-based Fuzzy Image Filter (GFIF) to remove additive identical independent distribution (i.i.d.) impulse noise from highly corrupted images. The proposed filter consists of a fuzzy number construction process, a fuzz filtering process, a genetic learning process, and an image knowledge base. First, the fuzzy number(More)
In recent years, personal health management has been interested to researchers and healthcare practitioners. Recording and analyzing physiological variations in ordinary life could be especially useful to manage health problems and to care individuals. It is widely pointed out that various vital signs are important indicators used to evaluate the wellness(More)
Trophocytes and fat cells are distributed around the abdominal segments in honeybees (Apis mellifera). Whether these cells are a good model for cellular senescence studies is unknown. Here we used histochemical, biochemical, and genetic techniques to investigate the fluctuation of age-related molecules in trophocytes and fat cells of newly emerged and old(More)