Chin-Yuan Chang

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With the rapid development of network hardware technologies and network bandwidth, the high link speeds and huge amount of threats poses challenges to network intrusion detection systems, which must handle the higher network traffic and perform more complicated packet processing. In general, pattern matching is a highly computationally intensive process(More)
Comparative analysis of the enediyne biosynthetic gene clusters revealed sets of conserved genes serving as outstanding candidates for the enediyne core. Here we report the crystal structures of SgcJ and its homologue NCS-Orf16, together with gene inactivation and site-directed mutagenesis studies, to gain insight into enediyne core biosynthesis. Gene(More)
Telematics systems are becoming important digital products in near future. However, the most of current telematics systems are isolated from the networks. All of the services are embedded on one single system that has caused lack of diverse information services, and want a more powerful embedded system to support. In this paper, an architecture of cloud(More)
Due to the fast growth of multimedia content, the digital preservation emerges as an important technology that prolongs the life of digital objects. For audio-visual contents, we face the obsolescence problem in both supporting hardware/software and data representation formats. Migration strategy is a solution for achieving high-quality archival and easy(More)
This paper presents a neural solution for clustering without pre-specifying the number of clusters. The presented clustering approach incorporates a harmonic neural network (HNN) and a codeword-agglomerating neural network (ANN). The HNN harmonizes criteria of mean squared error and information entropy to exploit the substructure in the input data and find(More)
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