Chin-Yu Sun

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The certificateless-based signature system allows people to verify the signature without the certificate. For this reason, we do not need the certificate authority (CA) to store and manage users' certificates and public keys. Certificateless-based signature can also overcome the certificate management problem and the key escrow problem of the traditional(More)
In 2012, Yeh and Tsaur proposed an advanced scheme for access control in mobile pay-TV systems based on pairing and elliptic curve, which were inherent in the cryptography of Sun and Leu's scheme. In their paper, they pointed out two weaknesses in Sun and Leu's scheme and tried to overcome these weaknesses. However, we still found that Yeh and Tsaur's(More)
Nowadays, multi-server remote user authentication schemes have been studied extensively in the literature. Recently, Chuang and Chen proposed a multi-server authentication scheme based on trust computing using smart cards and biometrics. Their scheme is more efficient and can achieve more security requirements than other related schemes. However, we found(More)
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