Chin-Yeh Wang

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As robot technologies develop, many researchers have tried to use robots to support education. Studies have shown that robots can help students develop problem-solving abilities and learn computer programming, mathematics, and science. However, few studies discuss the use of robots to facilitate the teaching of second languages. We discuss whether language(More)
This paper provides a content analysis of studies in technology-based learning (TBL) that were published in five Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) journals (i.e. the British Journal of Educational Technology, Computers & Education, Educational Technology Research & Development, Educational Technology & Society, the Journal of Computer Assisted Learning)(More)
The main aim of the modern popular teaching method of authentic learning has been to provide students with everyday-life challenges that develop knowledge and skills through problem solving in different situations. Many emerging information technologies have been used to present authentic environment in pedagogical purpose. However, there are few studies(More)
Animated pedagogical agents with characteristics such as facial expressions, gestures, and human emotions, under an interactive user interface are attractive to students and have high potential to promote students’ learning. This study proposes a convenient method to add an embodied empathic avatar into a computer-aided learning program; learners express(More)
Digital Learning Playground: supporting authentic learning experiences in the classroom Gwo-Dong Chen a , Nurkhamid a b , Chin-Yeh Wang c , Su-Hang Yang d , Wei-Yuan Lu e & Chih-Kai Chang f a Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Central University, Jhongli City, Taiwan b Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University,(More)
The Internet and web environment allow readers to read online many multimedia books. Readers can annotate, collaborate, and discuss content using efficient reading functions. Reading is migrating from printed books to e-books. This study designs an online reading environment with a wide range of support to increase students' learning performance. Online(More)
Studies indicate that making learners feel good is important only minor to clear knowledge transformation. Many studies have tried to use virtual humans as a part of interface in learning systems to increase the effect of instructions. Based on social interaction and pedagogical theories, many e-learning systems use animated films or virtual reality to(More)
Mobile techniques make information transform more efficiently. Many learning strategies will become more effectively under the supporting of significant and real time information. In this research, three kinds of information awareness mechanisms using mobile devices are proposed to assist students to promote learning performance of students. Mechanisms for(More)