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With the current explosion of data, retrieving and integrating information from various sources is a critical problem. Work in multidatabase systems has begun to address this problem, but it has primarily focused on methods for communicating between databases and requires signiicant eort for each new database added to the system. This paper describes a more(More)
SIMS provides intelligent access to heterogeneous, distributed information sources, while insulating human users and application programs from the need to be aware of the location of the sources, their query languages, organization, size, etc. This manual explains how to bring up a SIMS information server in a new application domain. After providing a short(More)
Research Interests and Background I have been working in the field of information integration since 1990, when I established the SIMS (Single Interface to Multiple Sources) research project at the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute. Since that time, the SIMS project has expanded into a group of several coordinated research(More)
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