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Specific acid catalysis of p-sulfonatocalix[n]arenes (n = 4, Calix-S4; n = 6, Calix-S6; n = 8, Calix-S8) was observed in the alcoholysis of N-acetyl-l-amino acids in methanol. The methanolysis rates of basic amino acid substrates (His, Lys, and Arg) were markedly enhanced in the presence of Calix-Sn, as compared with rates observed with(More)
Taiwan Power Company (TPC) has implemented an event-based special protection system (SPS) against extreme contingencies. The decision making mechanism of the event-based SPS is based on look-up tables. A huge number of contingency analyses are required for constructing and updating the look-up tables. In this paper, automation techniques are developed to(More)
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