Chin-Wen Liao

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The study is to investigate the role, the duties and efficacy of teaching assistants based on instructors' opinions from eighteen technological and vocational colleges in central Taiwan and further made suggestions for training strategies to improve efficacy. This research adopts Interview and questionnaires, 450 questionnaires distributed and 307 returned.(More)
The state estimation problem for discrete-time recurrent neural networks with both interval discrete and infinite-distributed time-varying delays is studied in this paper, where interval discrete time-varying delay is in a given range. The activation functions are assumed to be globally Lipschitz continuous. A delay-dependent condition for the existence of(More)
This paper deals with the problem of passivity analysis for neural networks with time-varying delay, which is subject to norm-bounded time-varying parameter uncertainties. The activation functions are supposed to be bounded and globally Lipschitz continuous. Delay-dependent passivity condition is proposed by using the free-weighting matrix approach. These(More)
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