Chin-Wen Chuang

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By using the particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm, a novel design method for the self-tuning PID control in a slider–crank mechanism system is presented in this paper. This paper demonstrates, in detail, how to employ the PSO so as to search efficiently for the optimal PID controller parameters within a mechanism system. The proposed approach has(More)
The hydraulic systems own the large torque to volume ratio. Therefore, they are widely used in steel manufactory. The analog Integral variable structure control has been successfully simulated on the electrohydraulic servo control. Due to the wide application of hydraulic components in industry needing higher torque, this paper extends the research to the(More)
A discrete integral variable structure control (DIVSC) approach is presented to achieve accurate servo-tracking in the presence of load disturbance and plant parameter variations. Conditions are derived to ensure the existence of non-ideal sliding motion. This scheme also proves that the describing motion in the non-ideal sliding region will be close to the(More)
This paper proposes a fuzzy PID control scheme to control the position of a slider crank coupled with a PM synchronous motor. By the Hamilton principle and Lagrange multiplier method, the mathematical formula is derived. On the basis of relationship of input and output, a fuzzy inference rule is made up. The nominal parameters of PFD are first decided on(More)
Abstract In industrial manufacturing systems, the one or the more client motors are often arranged to follow the velocity of the master motor. The speed difference between these motors will effect the tension of the product. Hence, the synchronized control and the tension control are the important research topics in the manufacturing process. This paper(More)
Abstract—The good idle speed control of spark ignition engine makes the customers comfortable and drives smooth. To derive its controller, a control-oriented object based model of spark ignition engine is discussed in this paper. To achieve accuracy tracking and reduce the control effort, a digital MIMO dynamic sliding surface control rule is proposed in(More)
A new control scheme for current distribution in parallel connected DC-DC converters is presented. It uses an optimal multi-input multi-output (OMIMO) discrete integral variable structure controller (DIVSC) to achieve both output current equalization and output voltage regulation. The controller improves the dynamic performance of a parallel buck converter;(More)
The variable structure control system is a great robust control method. However, its classical existence condition seems not enough for applying to the discrete systems. Due to the existence of the sampling interval in discrete systems, the controller can not simultaneously correct the system's response during the interval. The small switching gains are(More)
This paper proposes design methodology for a modified discrete integral variable structure model following control (MDIVSMFC) approach. More general control situations, whose output is a function of all system states, are considered. The MDIVSMFC approach contains a reference model for specifying control specifications and a modified discrete integral(More)
Collagen is one component of the extracellular matrix that has been widely used for constructive remodeling to facilitate cell growth and differentiation. The 3-D distribution and growth of cells within the porous scaffold suggest a clinical significance for nerve tissue engineering. In the current study, we investigated proliferation and differentiation of(More)