Chin-Wei Tien

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While more and more digital application services move to the cloud virtualization environment, the network security challenges are equally striking. In general, these network attacks can be detected by deploying network intrusion detection systems (NIDSs) to the cloud platform. As clients in the cloud can create many virtual machines (VMs) to run their(More)
In recent years, cyber security threats have become increasingly dangerous. Hackers have fabricated fake emails to spoof specific users into clicking on malicious attachments or URL links in them. This kind of threat is called a spear-phishing attack. Because spear-phishing attacks use unknown exploits to trigger malicious activities, it is difficult to(More)
A security sandbox is a technology that is often used to detect advanced malware. However, current sandboxes are highly dependent on VM hypervisor types and versions. Thus, in this paper, we introduce a new sandbox design, using memory forensics techniques, to provide an agentless sandbox solution that is independent of the VM hypervisor. In particular, we(More)
In this paper, we proposed a novel method that contains the advantages of two kinds of RSSI-based localization methods, the RSSI Triangulation and the RSSI Fingerprinting methods, to improve some disadvantages of traditional RSSI-based localization methods. The advantage of the former is that we could determine the possible region of the wireless device(More)
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