Chin-Tsung Hsieh

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This study analyzes the chaotic behavior of a micromechanical resonator with electrostatic forces on both sides and investigates the control of chaos. A phase portrait, maximum Lyapunov exponent and bifurcation diagram are used to find the chaotic dynamics of this micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS). To suppress chaotic motion, a robust fuzzy sliding(More)
Due to the severity of the global energy crisis and environmental pollution, the photovoltaic (PV) system has become one kind of important renewable energy source. Solar energy has the advantages of maximum reserve, inexhaustibleness, and is free from geographical restrictions, thus making PV technology a popular research topic. This study is aimed at(More)
This paper describes the fault diagnosis in the operation of industrial ball bearings. In order to cluster the very small differential signals of the four classic fault types of the ball bearing system, the chaos synchronization (CS) concept is used in this study as the chaos system is very sensitive to a system’s variation such as initial conditions or(More)
The collision fault detection of a XXY stage is proposed for the first time in this paper. The stage characteristic signals are extracted and imported into the master and slave chaos error systems by signal filtering from the vibratory magnitude of the stage. The trajectory diagram is made from the chaos synchronization dynamic error signals E1 and E2. The(More)
High Speed Air Rotor-Bearing (HSAR) systems have been extensively applied for a variety of mechanical engineering parts, and potential for use in high-rotational speed, high-precision and high stiffness instrumentation. The current study presents a detailed theoretical analysis of bearing performance, in which a hybrid method combing finite difference(More)
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