Chin-Song Wu

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This paper proposes a simple but practical 2D ear detection algorithm based on arc-masking candidate extraction and AdaBoost polling verification. In the first half phase of the proposed ear detection algorithm, a few ear candidates are extracted by arc-masking edge search followed by multilayer mosaic and orthogonal projection histogram. Then, in the(More)
Recently ultra fast diagnostic techniques have been developed to investigate imploded core plasma of shell-cone target for fast ignition in laser fusion research. One and two dimensional x-ray image sampling and two dimensional image reconstruction techniques have been applied to x-ray streak cameras. Multi-imaging x-ray streak(MIXS) camera, sampling image(More)
This research aims at developing a practical video copy detection mechanism to determine whether an investigated video is a duplicated copy that may infringe the intellectual property rights. The significant features of original videos are extracted and stored in the server. Given an uploaded video, the same feature is extracted and compared with the stored(More)
In this research, a transition effect detection scheme for identifying possible highlight segments in baseball videos will be presented. The effects that are inserted manually by the broadcasters for signaling the slow-motion segments will be extracted and the frames containing such effects can serve as anchor positions for further processing. A set of(More)
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