Chin-Sheng Tang

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RATIONALE The biological mechanisms linking air pollution to cardiovascular events still remain largely unclear. OBJECTIVES To investigate whether biological mechanisms linking air pollution to cardiovascular events occurred concurrently in human subjects exposed to urban air pollutants. METHODS We recruited a panel of 76 young, healthy students from a(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Electrocautery procedures generate malodorous smoke. This study quantified five volatile organic compounds detected in the smoke produced during breast surgery, and elucidated the factors that affect their chemical production. METHODS All samplers were assembled in an acrylic chamber with a Tygon tube attached to the tip of a diathermy(More)
Many researches have shown that the particulate matter (PM) of air pollution could affect the pulmonary functions, especially for susceptible groups such as asthmatic children, where PM might decrease the lung function to different extents. To assess the effects of PM on health, most studies use data from ambient air monitoring sites to represent personal(More)
BACKGROUND Maintenance of adequate indoor air quality (IAQ) in operating rooms (ORs) is critical to the prevention of nosocomial infection in hospitalized patients. This study evaluated the characteristics of IAQ in various ORs in a medical center. METHODS Air temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide (CO(2)), particulate matter (PM), and bacterial(More)
BACKGROUND Bioaerosols from numerous sources have been implicated in respiratory diseases. This study evaluated the characteristics and weekly variations in indoor air in a medical intensive care unit (ICU) in northern Taiwan for 1 year. It also investigated the impact of patient visiting activities on the indoor climate in the medical ICU. METHODS A(More)
BACKGROUND The synergistic effect of allergens and air pollutants on the risk of allergic diseases is unclear. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the joint effect of outdoor pollutants and indoor allergens on the risk of allergic diseases. METHODS We enrolled 2661 kindergarten children from the CEAS cohort. Data on allergic diseases and environmental exposure were(More)
Environmental epidemiologic studies have shown that elderly people are susceptible to particulate air pollution. The decreases in heart rate variability are important indices of health effect caused by particulate matter. The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of submicron particle (PM(1)), PM(1-2.5), and coarse particle (PM(2.5-10)) on(More)
To prevent surgical site infection (SSI), the airborne microbial concentration in operating theaters must be reduced. The air quality in operating theaters and nearby areas is also important to healthcare workers. Therefore, this study assessed air quality in the post-operative recovery room, locations surrounding the operating theater area, and operating(More)
Endotoxin, a component of the cell walls of gram-negative bacteria, is a contaminant in organic dusts (house dust) and aerosols. In humans, small amounts of endotoxin may cause a local inflammatory response. Exhaled nitric oxide (eNO) levels, an inflammation indicator, are associated with the pH values of exhaled breath condensate (EBC). This study(More)
An increased understanding is needed of the physiological effects and plausible biological mechanisms that link PM2.5 (particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter below 2.5μm) exposure to mortality and morbidities such as atherosclerosis and respiratory disease. PM2.5 causes carcinogenic health effects. Biomonitoring in humans has suggested that(More)
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