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Opaciniols A–C, new terpenoids from Garcinia opaca
Three new terpenoids, opaciniols A–C (1–3), were isolated from the barks of Garcinia opaca, together with malabarica-17,21-dien-3β,14-diol (4) and 13βH-malabarica-14,17,21-trien-3β-ol (5). TheirExpand
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Ceramicines J–L, new limonoids from Chisocheton ceramicus
Three new limonoids, ceramicines J (1), K (2), and L (3), were isolated from the hexane layer of Chisocheton ceramicus bark extract. Their structures were elucidated from 1D and 2D NMR data.Expand
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Ceramicine B, a limonoid with anti-lipid droplets accumulation activity from Chisocheton ceramicus
The Meliaceae family of plants has been shown to contain a vast number of compounds with the potential to be developed for medicinal purposes. We have previously reported the isolation of limonoidsExpand
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Four new Amaryllidaceae alkaloids from Zephyranthes candida
Four new Amaryllidaceae alkaloids (1–4) possessing a homolycorine-type or a crinine-type skeleton have been isolated from the aerial part of Zephyranthes candida, and their structures were elucidatedExpand
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Anti-melanin deposition activity of ceramicines from Chisocheton ceramicus
The ceramicines, a series of limonoids from Chisocheton ceramicus (Meliaceae), were evaluated for anti-melanin deposition activity on α-melanocyte stimulating hormone (α-MSH) andExpand
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Brominated Diphenyl Ethers Including a New Tribromoiododiphenyl Ether from the Vietnamese Marine Sponge Arenosclera sp. and Their Antibacterial Activities
A new tribromoiododiphenyl ether (1) and eight known brominated diphenyl ethers (2–9) were isolated from the MeOH extract of the sponge Arenosclera sp. collected in Vietnam, using repeated openExpand
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Sucutinirane-diterpene derivatives induce apoptosis via oxidative stress in HL-60 cells
Previously, we reported the isolation of cassane-type diterpenes, sucutiniranes A–F, from the seeds of Bowdichia nitida. In this study, a series of sucutinirane derivatives was prepared, and their inExpand
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Reinereins A and B, new onocerane triterpenoids from Reinwardtiodendron cinereum
Bioactivity guided separation of Reinwardtiodendron cinereum barks methanol extract led to the isolation of two new onocerane triterpenoids, reinereins A and B (1 and 2), together with three knownExpand
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Dysosesquiflorins A and B, sesquiterpenoids from Dysoxylum densiflorum
Two new aromadendrane sesquiterpenoids, dysosesquiflorins A and B (1 and 2), were isolated from Dysoxylum densiflorum bark, and their structures were elucidated on the basis of NMR spectroscopicExpand
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Chemical Constituents of the Vietnamese Marine Sponge Gelliodes sp. and Their Cytotoxic Activities
A new decenoic acid derivative, gelliodesinic acid, and a naturally new alkaloid, together with three known furanoterpenoids and two known indole alkaloids, were isolated from the MeOH extract of theExpand