Chin-Lung Yang

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SUMMARY We examine comprehension skill differences in the processes of word-to-text integration, the connection of the meaning of a word, as it is read, to a representation of the text. We review two 'on-line' integration studies using event related potentials (ERPs) to provide fine-grain temporal data on the word-to-text processes of adult readers. The(More)
With the development of location aware sensor applications, location determination has become an increasingly important middleware technology. Numerous current technologies for location determination of sensor nodes use the received signal strength from sensor nodes using omni-directional antennas. However, an increasing number of sensor systems are now(More)
As sensor networks operate over long periods of deployment in difficult to reach places, their requirements may change or new code may need to be uploaded to them. The current state-of-the-art protocols (Deluge and MNP) for network reprogramming perform the code dissemination in a multihop manner using a three-way handshake where metadata is exchanged prior(More)
Controversy remains as to the scope of advanced planning in language production. Smith and Wheeldon (1999) found significantly longer onset latencies when subjects described moving-picture displays by producing sentences beginning with a complex noun phrase than for matched sentences beginning with a simple noun phrase. While these findings are consistent(More)
In the past decade, the market of wireless mobile communications has been growing at a rapid pace. A future wireless mobile network is desired to support integrated type of services including voice, data, video, and etc. A well-designed multiple access control (MAC) protocol is crucial in supplying satisfactory level of performance such as delay or(More)
— In this study, we experiment with the feasibility of wireless telemetry using a miniature wireless system fully implanted within the eye. Of significant importance is the ability to transmit signals from miniature packaged systems without undue absorption of signals. Theoretical calculations found the attenuation through the eye to be-4.5 dB in the far(More)
This paper presents a cost-effective sensor system for mattresses that can classify the sleeping posture of an individual and prevent pressure ulcers. This system applies projected capacitive sensing to the field of health care. The charge time (CT) method was used to sensitively and accurately measure the capacitance of the projected electrodes. The(More)
The classifier system categorizes nouns on a semantic basis. By inserting an object-gap relative clause (RC) between a classifier and its associate noun, we examined how temporary classifier-noun semantic incongruity and long-distance classifier-noun dependency are processed. Instead of a typical N400 effect, a midline anterior negativity was elicited by(More)