Chin-Kai Meng

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BACKGROUND Sample analysis and data interpretation for urine organic acid analyses (OAA) for metabolic diseases have not evolved significantly over the last two decades. We evaluated a number of potential improvements in the technology in order to increase productivity. Increasing numbers of this very important clinical test are being ordered resulting from(More)
Technical innovations in crop protection have been a key component in the globalization of food production and distribution over the past several decades. The ease of access to foodstuffs from distant growing regions has depended, to a large extent, on the new pesticides that combat the historic foes of food sufficiency: fungi, insects, and weeds. Yet the(More)
According to The Pesticide Manual, more than 700 pesticides are currently approved for use around the world [1]. About 600 more were used in the past, but are either banned or no longer marketed. In spite of their discontinuance, some of these still persist in the environment where they may bioaccumulate in the flora and fauna. Many pesticides or their(More)
Two methods are described for identifying unknowns in complex matrixes. One approach, suitable for nonpolar and thermally stable compounds, uses GC/MS with a deconvolution technique, followed by a spectral library search. The second approach, suitable for polar and thermally labile compounds, uses LC/quadrupole-time-of-flight (LC/Q-TOF) MS with a Molecular(More)
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