Chin-Hong Chan

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BACKGROUND We aimed to explore relations between symptomatic remission and functionality evaluation in schizophrenia patients treated with paliperidone extended-release (ER), as seen in a normal day-to-day practice, using flexible dosing regimens of paliperidone ER. We explored symptomatic remission rate in patients treated with flexibly dosed paliperidone(More)
Community care has been a paradigm shift for psychiatric treatment worldwide; however, it has not been successfully implemented in many developing countries, including Taiwan. This qualitative study aimed to explore the Taiwanese mentally ill persons' difficulties living in the community. Social disadvantages and illness adaptation were recognized as two(More)
OBJECTIVES The risk of stroke is increased in patients with bipolar disorder. Lithium exhibits neuroprotective effects but the association between lithium use and the risk of stroke is unknown. METHODS A population-based retrospective cohort study was conducted by utilizing the National Health Insurance Research Database in Taiwan. Subjects who had first(More)
AIMS The aim of this study was to examine the correlations of birth seasonality in schizophrenia, considering influences of gender and income status. METHODS The sample consisted of 1 000 000 people in the general population randomly selected from the Taiwan National Health Insurance Research Database. Data for the birth-year period 1950-1989 were(More)
BACKGROUND We aimed to establish a feasible and reliable method to measure the level of aripiprazole and its main metabolite, dehydroaripiprazole, using a capillary-electrophoresis (CE) machine. METHODS Two blood samples were obtained from psychiatric patients hospitalized in Yu-Li Hospital who had been treated with aripiprazole for more than 4 weeks, at(More)
Patients with schizophrenia have a higher risk of developing metabolic abnormalities and their associated diseases. Some studies found that the accumulative number of metabolic syndrome components was associated with the severity of metabolic abnormalities. The purpose of this study was to examine the roles of the ADRA1A, ADRA2A, ADRB3, and 5HT2A genes in(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective was to describe a case of juvenile Huntington's disease that first presented with seizures and psychosis. METHODS A male patient with no history of epilepsy and psychiatric disorder had his first seizure at the age of 20 years, which was followed by 3 years of psychotic disorder. RESULTS Laboratory investigations were normal, and(More)
INTRODUCTION Substance-induced psychosis (SIP), including alcohol-induced psychotic disorder (AIPD) and substance-induced psychotic disorder (SIPD), is gradually increasing in importance in clinical practice. However, few studies have investigated the epidemiology and progression time from transient to permanent psychiatric disorders for AIPD and SIPD(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to assess the risk of depressive disorders in women who underwent hysterectomy in Taiwan. METHODS A retrospective study was conducted in a matched cohort of cases using the National Health Insurance Research Database of Taiwan. Database records from 1689 women who underwent hysterectomy between 2001 and 2005 were(More)
OBJECTIVE An estimate of the risk of stroke among patients with panic disorder was sought. METHOD A retrospective cohort study was conducted using data from the National Health Insurance Research Database in Taiwan. A total of 1725 patients who were newly diagnosed with panic disorder between 2001 and 2007 and had no other psychiatric disorders or history(More)