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Transcription of the Escherichia coli genes serA and gltBDF depends on the leucine-responsive regulatory protein, Lrp, and is very much decreased in an lrp mutant. By the use of an Lrp-deficient host and the lrp gene cloned under a plasmid-borne arabinose pBAD promoter, we varied the amount of Lrp present in the cell and showed that both genes were(More)
Expression of the lrp gene is regulated in part by the nutrients available to the cell, and is decreased in rich medium, in glucose minimal media enriched with amino acids, and in minimal medium with alternative carbon sources, such as acetate and succinate. When Lrp production is increased in a given medium, expression of its target genes is also(More)
BACKGROUND There has been no comprehensive study on biochemical characterization of insecticide resistance mechanisms in field populations of Malaysian Culex quinquefasciatus. To fill this void in the literature, a nationwide investigation was performed to quantify the enzyme activities, thereby attempting to characterize the potential resistance mechanisms(More)
Statistics of the structure of educational level and worked years of 140 occupied nurses, analysed by ABC curvegram, showed that the key training objects are class A (1 to 10 years at work) and class B nurses. Then the goal of nurses' training at work during 3 years for class A and B was made according to the difference of their classes and need of(More)
Obstruction of the superior vena cava is commonly associated with the development of several collateral venous pathways. Right-to-left systemic to pulmonary venous shunting, however, rarely has been reported. This paper describes a case in which a previously unsuspected shunt, manifested by the striking visualization of myocardial and thyroid tissue in(More)
Experiments were carried out on 48 rabbits anaesthetized with urethane (1 g/kg). The animals were immobilized with gallamine triethiodide and ventilated artificially. Both intravenous injection of diazepam (0.5 mg/kg) and intracerebroventricular injection of flurazepam (2 mg in 50 microliters) or gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) (300 micrograms in 50(More)
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