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This paper is concerned with a hybridcontrol approach for operation of a pendulumcar mechanical system. The proposed method improves the unstable control phenomenon within a limited lengta of car position. The hybridcontrol approach combines the fuzzy logiceontrol approach and the linear state feedbackcontrol approach to obtain the desired performance. The(More)
This paper presents a new development of mobile communication for application to remote data transmission and control. The concept of G, including global positioning system, global system for mobile (GSM), and geographic information system, is proposed. In this paper, a GSM real-time control system for data uplink and downlink remote terminals is(More)
As for data surveillance, the general packet radio service (GPRS) is the best candidate for always-on connection to any movement vehicles or individuals from the ground up to a few thousand feet above ground. Because of the inherent characteristics of the GPRS, the client circuit design requires a central processing unit (CPU) with an appropriate operation(More)
High density small aircrafts increasingly threaten flight safety to low altitude flights. Unlike the general air transport aircrafts, small aircrafts do not install with active detection for collision avoidance. Through available surveillance communication, small aircraft can be monitored in real time while appropriate separation can be applied. A Traffic(More)
On UAV missions, flight information should be prompt for use to all participating team members. Supporting from 3G mobile communications, UAV flight data can be uplink onto Internet and share with all users at different locations. Using an Android smart phone for data acquisition on airborne and cope with Google Earth® 3D map, the proposed UAS(More)
The development of unmanned aerial aircrafts (UAVs) has made great progress recently for its broad uses in disaster rescue missions or civilian applications. UAV may be operating in joint missions with manned aircraft, mostly by helicopter. Traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS) plays an important role to manned aircraft. This paper uses the(More)
MEMS technology has drastically improving sensor size, weight, cost and power consumption for high accuracy, high reliability and high stability as a navigation option to low cost systems. The MEMS fabricated INS can be complementary with GPS to enhance the augmentation performance to an acceptable reliability. This paper focuses on implementation of a(More)