Chin-Chuan Han

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Biometrics-based authentication is a verification approach using the biological features inherent to each individual. They are processed based on the identical, portable, and arduous duplicate characteristics. In this paper, we propose a scanner-based personal authentication system by using the palmprint features. The authentication system consists of(More)
This paper presents a method for automatic classification of birds into different species based on the audio recordings of their sounds. Each individual syllable segmented from continuous recordings is regarded as the basic recognition unit. To represent the temporal variations as well as sharp transitions within a syllable, a feature set derived from(More)
Static gestures can convey certain meanings and act as specific transitions in dynamic gestures. Therefore, recognizing static gestures is one of the most important aspects of gesture recognition. In this paper, a new approach is presented for recognizing static gestures based on Zernike moments (ZMs) and pseudo-Zernike moments (PZMs). The binary hand(More)
It is evident that the process of face recognition, by deenition, should be based on the content of a face. The problem is: what is a \face"? Recently, a state-of-the-art statistics-based face recognition system, the PCA plus LDA approach, has been proposed 1]. However, the authors used \face" images that included hair, shoulders, face and background. Our(More)
A video-based monitoring approach for outdoor parking lots has been developed in this paper. Since parking lots located in outdoor were the open and widespread spaces, moving objects in grabbed images were too small to obtain the detail and recognized image for the object, identification, object behavior analysis, or illegal event alarming. A dual-camera(More)