Chin-Chin Chen

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Recently, cryptographic applications based on finite fields have attracted much interest. This paper presents two new algorithms, called time-dependent and time-independent multiplication algorithms over a finite field GF(2 m) by employing an interleaved conventional multiplication and a folded technique. The proposed algorithms permit efficient realization(More)
This paper presents a scalable and systolic Montgomery's algorithm in GF(2 m) using the Hankel matrix-vector representation. The hardware architectures derived from this algorithm represents low-complexity bit-parallel systolic multipliers with trinomials. The results reveal that our proposed multiplier saves approximately 36% space complexity as compared(More)
Normal basis and Montgomery multiplications are two popular arithmetic operations in GF(2<sup>m</sup>). In general, each element representation has its associated different algorithm and hardware multiplication architectures. In this paper, we will present a new combined circuit for computing normal basis and Montgomery multiplications, which is based on a(More)
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